John Templeton Foundation

Just like HMC, the John Templeton Foundation likes to ponder the Big Questions in life. Does the universe have a purpose? What makes us generous? Will there ever be a cat Mayor?

(Okay, that last one is just ours.)

So it’s no surprise that the Foundation hired HMC to answer another big question: how can we make people care about research?

The Foundation wanted to highlight their grantees’ recent research, so HMC chose the Greater Good Science Center’s report on gratitude.

To make this heady information more digestible to a wider audience, we created an infographic that stood on its own, and could be broken down into bite-sized pieces for social media sharing. This created campaign longevity and consistency and was a huge success.

The campaign reached over 1.6 million people on Twitter and was featured in Good Housekeeping and on the TODAY Show.

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