Services provided: Branding Graphic Design

Ever decided to change your hair color? Switch careers? Become a circus star? Reinventing ourselves is a process we’ve all been through, whether by choice or by necessity. Brands go through the same thing.

After five years in business, Basecamp Business (BCB) decided to reinvent. They established a new name, EventUpon, and asked HMC to build their new brand identity.

HMC first took BCB through our Environmental Scanning process, where we uncovered a huge opportunity. The local events marketplace, inundated with thousands of listings, had no industry leader and no service that was user-friendly and adaptable.

When we were done, BCB was all that and a bag of artisanal vinegar chips. We built a brand identity, a responsive portal that learns about its users, and, through community programs, an interactive brand. The result? An engaged community and national recognition from Inc. Magazine.

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