CareLink Community Support Services

Services provided: Branding Graphic Design

For over 50 years, CareLink Community Support Services has provided individualized and effective care to adults living with mental illness.

In 2014, CareLink recognized a need to differentiate itself among competitors and engaged HMC for a full rebranding process.

We began with in-depth qualitative research, and our Environmental Scan revealed that CareLink’s key differentiators were that they treat people not patients, and that they allow individuals in their service to determine their own paths towards wellbeing.

Our creative team took hold of this information and set out to design the visual embodiment of these findings.

The result is a logo, tagline, and color palette that represents CareLink’s distinct approach to mental health.

The new tagline, Determine Your Future, emphasizes the life-tools CareLink provides its clients to create their own success and happiness, and the maze “C” logo represents the multiple exit and entry points that exist as every client works to determine their future.

HMC was then tasked with creating a suite of materials, including letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and brochures, that showed off their new visual identity.

At HMC, designing these materials is not just about swapping the old logo for the new one; it’s about every piece of collateral becoming the brand.

Now, whether CareLink is reaching out to staff, partners, or individuals in service, they’re speaking in one unifying voice and bringing new life to a great organization.

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