This Week at HMC: October 20-24

October 24, 2014

This Week at Here’s My Chance

October 20-24

This week at HMC we couldn’t get enough of The GESU School. Our video production continues and we are so excited about the moments we’ve been capturing!

We can’t release any of those clips yet, but we can share some of the stills that Jessie captured! Hopefully this post will make you just as excited about this project as we are.

The school itself is full of so much warmth and we’re starting to feel like a part of the family. To add to that, our very own Katelyn Joyce was recently selected to be a part of their Junior Board.

Lastly, a special thank you to Nic Justice for all of his amazing video work so far! What a great week at HMC!

Yes, Elliot climbed the jungle gym to map out our location on the roof at GESU…and he used that pole to get up!
Look at that view! Nic filming a teacher at GESU and capturing some portrait shots.
Nic setting the tone and scene for the next filming session.
Elliot with a special group of GESU teachers leading an intimate round table discussion.
A quiet moment…
A pre-k classroom sing along. This kind of excitement is definitely not a rare sighting at GESU!

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