This Week at HMC: November 3-7

November 7, 2014

This Week at Here’s My Chance

November 3-7

This week at HMC we’re going to try something new! We are so excited about our new head shots for our updated website that we wanted to share our process with you.

Just wait until you see the final version on our new website! Elliot has been working so hard on the special overlays for the site, Jessie has been taking loads of pictures, and Max is busy building the architecture.

We’re in the homestretch to finishing the site, but until then, we encourage you to think about the importance of head shots and how they can compliment your company’s branding and personality.

If you ever need HMC to step in, we’re here to help! Ask us any time about our photography services.

From casual to silly, we think we captured ourselves pretty well. And these are just the practice shots!

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