This Week At HMC: February 9-13

February 13, 2015

This Week at Here’s My Chance

February 9-13

Big changes are a-foot, dear reader - big, awesome, beautifully designed changes. We’re hard at work, rolling out the aforementioned changes and we’re just itching to tell you about them. In due time - we’ll keep our lips zipped for now. Here’s a glimpse at what happened this week at HMC:

There was a packed house for Elliot’s world famous talk, “Why No One Reads Your Newsletter” at the Impact HUB on Wednesday.  It was awesome to see such an engaged crowd that early on a weekday and Elliot crushed it with his keen design insight.

Our social media intern, Valentina, walked us through her findings so far and we chatted about all things SoMe (is that a term we’re using?) while also marveling at the beauty of Katelyn’s nachos.

Speaking of drool-worthy, we had a blast the Impact HUB’s Valentine’s Day potluck. Piles of pasta, guac, chocolate drizzled popcorn and too many desserts, plus MadLibs? Don’t mind if we do.

Just a few nice moments outside of the regular hustle that allowed us to regroup and connect with our people. And maybe more importantly, connect with our stomachs. Just kidding, the first thing is way more important.

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