This Week at HMC: February 16-20

February 20, 2015

This Week at Here’s My Chance

February 16-20

There have been so many (too many?) moments this week where we’ve started to consider buying real estate in Arizona. Or setting up a quaint margarita hut on the shores of some far more southern place. We’ve come so close to Groupon-ing a getaway to somewhere that doesn’t require you to wear mittens while brushing your teeth. We’ve day dreamed about living in a locale where you can feel your face all year round and you never have to ask the question of how many hats is too many hats.

But then, right in the middle of our most tropical imaginings, Philly pulls us right back in with another amazing moment that reminds us that this is exactly where we want to be, despite the ice-age conditions. Our director of engagement, Lansie, hosted a “Breakfast with the Stars” panel, featuring Philadelphia fundraising gurus. The event was packed, serious knowledge was dropped, a bunch of bagels were consumed. We laughed, we learned, we walked away energized and inspired. We all forgot about the weather. 

“The single most important part of the body in fundraising are (ears). Listen to the person. Start with the questions, be genuinely interested in the answers and just go.” - Greg Goldman, VP of Development at the Philadelphia Zoo

The panel did an amazing job of addressing fundraising needs for organizations of every size, discussing how to best build relationships with donors, working with young friends, and how to utilize the strengths of your volunteers.

“You can’t be working for a place you don’t feel passionately about - they’ll (donors) see right through it. There are so many powerful things to work for and represent. Be all in when you have conversations and when you work for a place.” - Kim Fraites-Dow, Chief Operating Officer Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

Lansie lead the discussion before opening the floor for questions. She also wore the best statement necklace.

Robert Seltzer, Executive Vice President at the Jewish Federation-Atlantic/Cape May, had so many awesome pearls of wisdom. When asked what he knows now that he wishes he knew when he started in fundraising, he responded, “The art of a gracious thank you at a pivotal moment.”

On a completely different note, he also said, “The real villain in that scenario is mailings. Mailings suck.” A wave of intense agreement ran through the crowd. Preach, Bob. Preach.

And then, there was epic mingling, full of very smiley people. 

And this guy confirmed that I will never have a career as a paparazza. Not nearly sneaky enough with the camera.

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