May 23, 2013

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Seriously, though.  Well intentioned individuals have a tendency to make everything more complicated than it should.  Especially when it is something new.  Luckily for you, we have really simple people working at Here’s My Chance.

Our gang of simple minds can deconstruct complex issues into it essence that can reinforce your business and mission goals.  More importantly, we help set simple objectives, with measurable milestones to help keep on track, adjust when needed and reinforce the things that work.

Our canvas is a whiteboard. Our brushes are scented markers. Our art is action.

Another thing, we like to ask “Why?”… a lot.  Like a 4 year old, but with more facial hair and with slightly better bathroom training.  Not to be annoying, but to honestly get to the root of a given decision and its impact on overall goals.

Fewer moving parts, means fewer resources, which means lower costs and higher success rate.  Simple is the new Black.

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