People’s Emergency Center

July 22, 2012

Cause: The People’s Emergency Center (PEC) redefines the nature of public-private partnerships in the fight of neighborhood specific homelessness. For over 40 years, PEC has supported the most critical homeless populations: young mothers and their families. Entering its 40th year and in the midst of a leadership transition, PEC engaged HMC to develop a comprehensive communications, fundraising, and community engagement strategy to deepen community relations, increase the number of individual donors, and position the organization as a regional and national thought leader. Additionally, because PEC had unintentionally developed a brand as being a shelter, HMC was tasked with evolving and leveraging the brand in order to position PEC as an advocate, fighting to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

Effect: Over a two-month discovery period, HMC conducted a full review of PEC’s internal and external communications and donor cultivation processes, including everything from its current social media process to how information and calls to action were conveyed to board members and donor prospects. Internal interviews identified legacy culture constraints impacting the organization’s ability to adapt in a rapidly evolving communications ecosystem. HMC, in conjunction with ChatterBlast Media, developed a branding, communications, and fundraising plan that would activate PEC to grow, engage, and sustain its community of clients, supporters, and fellow advocates. Content driven, the strategy focused on developing an interactive website, compelling videos, and relevant info graphics to build a rich media presence. HMC also recommended that any branding/communications plans be contingent upon the completion of a formal Theory of Change.

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