Motion Graphics/Video

July 22, 2012

Think 20 pages of a mission critical report all wrapped up into 90 seconds of inspirational and engaging video content. Imagine a gallery of testimonials, ideas, praises, and stories about your impact. See your quirky yet informative video shared across the web, even referenced on national news.

  • Motion Graphics / Animation
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • PSAs and TV Spots
  • Testimonial Capture
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Logo Animation
  • Instructional Videos
  • Documentary Video
  • Visual Effects for Presentations
  • YouTube & VSEO Optimization

HMC helped Mayor Michael Nutter’s office win $1 million dollars for the Bloomberg Challenge to launch the Philadelphia Social Entrepreneur Partnership with this animation.
PresenTense enables social entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their impact. Will you help power our growth? With thanks to the Maor Foundation. Inspiration from Y Combinator:

The powerful partnership between the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and the San Diego Botanic Garden proves that PLANTS CAN GROW PEOPLE, all over the world. ( and

Jewish Coastal North County is GROWING! Not just in population, but in opportunity, too! We all have an opportunity to design a community that celebrates our past and inspires our future! Join The Leichtag Foundation and fellow community leaders in Dreaming About OUR Future. Jewish North County brought to you by The Leichtag Family Foundation:

Join us as we journey beyond the box and experience firsthand accounts of three of our recipient families. Enter the homes and lives of these truly remarkable people as they overcome obstacles with the help of JRA’s programs.

Beyond Sport swept into Philadelphia to demonstrate its continued championing of the power of sports to change communities. During its three-day summit and awards, Beyond Sport celebrated the efforts of local Philly sports teams and community groups for improving the lives of Philadelphians. HMC was honored to tell this story which aired during the Mayor’s Reception and Barclay’s Community Impact Awards. Philadelphia is most certainly a city of champions.

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