May 23, 2013

Annual Reports and explaining your organizations success are key! But let’s be honest for a sec, who wants to read an entire annual report or read
through a whole document listing what you do?

Let’s talk infographics!

Keeping people involved and relaying this information in an unusual way will help them remember the information, what you are doing
and how you did it.

One of the best ways to do this is to use infographics. They’re instantly understandable and can be designed incredible well. The great thing
about infographics is that almost anything can be interpreted using them.

Really thinking about and designing your infographics can lead to some amazingly creative, thought provoking and logical ways of relaying your
messages and data.

Some of our favourites have been comical but some of them have been on really serious topics. We’ve got a few of them below; we hope
you can see the possibilities and benefits of using infographics so please click to see the full images and what else we did for our clients.

Mayor Bloomberg Challenge

Say Yes to Education

Grateful Household

Empowering the Unemployed

Investing In Diversity

Jewish Food Justice Fellowship


Knight Foundation

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