The Importance of Photography

June 12, 2014

HMC’s Photojournalist, Jessie Fox, on the importance of photography…

Why is professional photography important?

People love photographs, plain and simple. In the world today we’re constantly raking-in likes, hiding behind filters, and being happily distracted by our personal news feeds. We like to click, document, and share. And in return others always know what we’re up to. With camera phones, photography has become a pocket-accessible tool.

With that being said, an image can be easy to get lost behind clicks. Ease-of-use can pull us away from what a photograph can actually stand for: coherence and quality. So, why is professional photography still important? Let’s take a look…


Image #1 (iPhone)


Image #2 (Nikon D700)

Quality is Everything

HIgh-quality images make a huge difference. Today, there are over 150,000 URLs being purchased from day-to-day ( What does this mean? Let’s follow-up with an immediate question: how does your company stand out? Imagery.

If your company’s website has quality images (head shots, events, etc…) than your current and potential clients are inclined to think that they would get that same service and attention to detail.

Smaller factors, like head shots, are very much a part of your company’s branding strategy. In this case, professional images can capture personality by utilizing visual impact: light, shadows, space, and structure.

In the head shots above we see Dave, HMC’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Image #1 was taken on an iPhone, and image #2 with a Nikon D700. In the professional image (second photo) we see true color and life within Dave’s eyes by using catch light, which can help draw attention to the subject’s eyes that may otherwise get lost among other elements in the scene. Visually, we love the familiarity, rich colors, definition, and clarity.

Within the iPhone images details easily get lost, causing the image to look flat. When quality is a priority, a better outcome results, and in this case reveals a truer Dave.

Setting the Stage with Tone and Light

iPhone image

Image #1 (iPhone)


Image #2 (Nikon D700)

Take a look at this photo taken outside of the Impact Hub Philly. Which one are you more drawn to? Why?

As creatives and business people we know what looks good, what looks bad, and why. It is important to think about detail, exposure, focus, and composition. First impressions in such a tech-heavy world can easily make or break a deal. By taking the time to prepare an image we are automatically heightening our worth, which in turn, heightens yours.

Photography is a craft. True craft is admirable and suggests a promising sense of skill. A company can take charge and decide their clicks and views. If you give viewers a reason to look at the company, their interest will follow.

Working with Here’s My Chance

Rather than hiring a traditional or freelance photographer, Here’s My Chance already has one on their team: me! As storytellers, we know the importance of truly capturing a team’s mission, which is why that is also built into our service package.

Within our branding we have made a team effort to embrace our culture and expose it to the world in a way where it feels true to who we are, both professionally and personally. And, we are looking to do the same for you.

Creating images, like stock photos, and making them more personal to us has made a great difference within our branding. We know who is in the image, what steps were taken to make it, and how much effort we put into the entire process. There is a thread of storytelling that resonates within all of our processes at HMC.

As a photojournalist, I’m trained to create images that show a perspective that words can’t describe The documentation style shows commitment to a project creating a single, instant record of a moment. As a part of my work and passion, my constant goal is to tell everything, or as much as possible, in a single frame.

Tree House Books, North Philadelphia. Nikon D700

- - -

Moving Beyond Stock Photography

The image below is Nicola, our Lead Designer, sketching. Image #1 is an iPhone photo and image #2 was taken on my D700. For an image like this we want to see color, detail, and perspective. This is an example of a photograph that we would be proud to showcase on our site, use to create an infographic, include in a Powerpoint presentation, or anything our creative minds can think of.

Our work remains versatile and displays our efforts both internally and externally. When we are proud of our work, we want to show it off. How? Through photographs! And we want those photographs to be an exact replica of the original creation.

At Here’s My Chance, we offer forward-thinking strategy using tried-and-true business elements and turning them into a creative product. Even something simple, like a head shot, can easily give context and expose a level of emotion when photographed correctly. We want to hone in all those tiny details using photography as an initial leader into a bigger story.


Image #1 (iPhone)


Image #2 (D700)

Photography does a great job at getting straight to the point. At Here’s My Chance we work to create clarity and efficiency. By adding photography into our set of values we are offering a direct service to help personalize your vision.

If you want people to pay attention to your company, then you must give them a reason to do so!

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