Whether you’re tucked soundly in bed or headed home from a party in your Halloween’s finest, you will have gained a great gift: TIME!

Sunday, November 2nd 2014 at 2AM marks the end of Daylight Savings. For many, it’ll take the mismatched time on the microwave and a panicked glance at the screen of a phone to be reminded of that extra hour.

We live in a society that emphasizes the value of a minute and has a constant craving for more. Rather than celebrating the gift of 60, why do we tend to dwell on the darker, shorter nights received in return? Let the Act of Giving change the way you think about Daylight Savings.

 60 Minutes of Giving
A list of ways to Give ranging from 10-60 Minutes.
Not sure you can part with that bonus hour of sleep?
Give for 30, sleep for 30…we won’t judge!

10 Minutes - Rice at No Price

For each question you get right, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme. FreeRice is a nonprofit website that has two goals: Provide education to everyone for free and help end world hunger.

  • Read up on the World Food Programme. 5 minutes
  • Watch your Rice bowl grow. 5 minutes

WARNING: May last more than 10 min as you’ll find Ricing can be addicting!

20 Minutes - Hallmark Moment

Take a moment to make a greeting card for a child in need of cheering up. Don’t forget to enclose something lightweight with the card: coloring sheet, stickers, a bookmark, a postcard, etc.

  • Find inspiration through Hugs and Hope, a ministry of encouragement for children battling critical illness. They provide photos and information about sick children who are hoping for some happy mail. 5
  • Break out the crayons and glitter and get to work. 10
  • Sign. Seal. Deliver. 5

30 Minutes - Powerful Pit Stop

On average, there is a donation center within a fifteen-mile radius of your current location. Take a slight detour from your errands and contribute that forgotten can of Campbell’s to a Donation Center.

  • Gather non-perishables from your cupboards. 10
  • Use this food pantry locator to find a donation center en route to your errands. 5
  • Drive and donate. 15

40 Minutes - Sharing Is Caring

We all love being the expert in a situation. Giving can be as simple as teaching something you already know. Take time out of your day to share a skill!

  • Find and approach your student. This could be a co-worker who needs an Excel 101, a parent who is on Twitter but doesn’t know what a hashtag is, or a child who is constantly tripping over their shoelaces. 5
  • Teach. Correct. Repeat. 30
  • Showcase their new skill. 5

Enjoying the concept of learning new skills? Check out Philly Give & Get, a charity “date” auction where you have the opportunity to bid on “Lots” that feature charismatic local professionals (“Experts”) coupled with one-of-a-kind adventures within the Greater Philadelphia Area.

50 Minutes - Unleash A New Friend

This one is for the animal lovers out there! Dogs in animal shelters are typically confined to cages or small areas. The isolation and restricted activity can cause health and behavior problems that affect the dogs’ quality of life and chances for adoption.

  • Find your local animal shelter by entering your zip code at Pets 911 or Petfinder. 5
  • Contact the closest animal shelter to inquire about dog walking opportunities. Complete any necessary paperwork, orientation & training required by the shelter before you begin volunteering with the dogs. 15
  • Walk the walk. 30

60 Minutes - The Giving Guru

Serious about getting involved? Invest an hour of your time becoming informed. It is extremely important to do the research before committing your money and time to an organization or nonprofit. The more you learn, the more passionate you will become!

  • Start reading. Volunteermatch.org and Charitynavigator.org are great places to get started. 30
  • Ask around. Local needs can usually be found by word of mouth.15
  • Check out the do-gooders HMC works with and see how you can support their cause. 15