Funk N Junk

May 23, 2013

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We know things. We believe things. We try things. We break things. We like things. We read things. We watch things. We write things. We build things. We film things. We design things. We help things.

We Share Things.

Cause marketers, communicators, community organizers and anyone out there trying to do good things on the planet, Funk N Junk is a web series that shares ways to do all of those things….better.

The HMC FunkNJunk webseries is a collection of things to help improve the tool kits for creative communicators and organizers. The series is not about fundamentals.  It is for folks that already practice them and could benefit from a few tips and tricks.  If you watch the series and try things we recommend without drilling the fundamentals (like publishing relevant content, actively listening and responding to supporters, following and adapting a communications plan), you run the risk of “exposing your back” and looking rather foolish.

But that said, please follow and try. Let us know what you think and how we can improve.

Failure is the fastest way to success.

Funk N Junk from Here’s My Chance on Vimeo.

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