May 23, 2013


If you want someone to make a pretty logo for you and walk away then we are not the gang for you. We are looking for partners in crime,
amigos and people who want to fulfill their bigger picture.

Ultimately, Here’s My Chance is a full-service branding agency. Although we offer expertise in a variety of areas from videos, infographics,
brochures to websites and marketing services, it is through a combination of all or some of these elements working in combination that strong, distinctive, effective and memorable brands are established and built upon.
For each of our clients, we develop a distinctive and cohesive look and feel that runs consistently across all aspects of their communication
from all sides of what we do and who we are.

We’re going to help you establish a brand that is valued and excites your audience so we can build positive and lasting relationships with them – leading to loyalty and support. Not too shabby huh?

We want to work with you to develop a brand that will form the backbone of all future communication, all the look and feel, all the tone, all the
attitude you need to get you where you need to be.
Alternatively, depending upon budget and available time frames we are also able to work more instinctively and just go with gut feeling, lots
of coffee and make the odd bathroom break.

Below are some examples of brands we have created.
Feel free to click on them to see what else we’ve done for them as part of their bigger picture.

City of Philadelphia

The Grateful Household

Say Yes to Education

Philly Do Gooder

Jewish Food Justice Fellowship


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