8 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 9, 2015

8 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

Kinder than Mother Teresa, More Random than Napoleon Dynamite

Just when you were getting bummed out by the lull in holidays – fear not! February 9-15 is Random Acts of Kindness week!

A random act of kindness is a minor action performed for the betterment of a stranger - just another reminder of the goodness of the people around us and a way to warm our little hearts in the midst of this freezing winter month.

If you’re feeling festive and interested in getting in on the action, HMC has some recommended kind acts to participate in:


Is it just us or is SEPTA a hub for negativity? Let’s choose to ignore the erratic schedule and unidentifiable smells and make it our business to bring some positivity to the situation. Leaving small notes with day-brightening messages (“Your smile is on point” or “You look the way Federal Donuts make me feel”) is a way better leave-behind than the usual Mountain Dew bottles and crumpled receipts.

Feeling like going the extra smile? Flash a smile to the person working the token booth. They deal with a lot of guff so a display of your pearly whites will be a pleasant change.

2.     BOOK CLUB

Bust out your crafting skills (or test the capabilities of your printer if you’re not the marker-toting type) to create small bookmarks to stick in books at your local library. Positive affirmations, corny dad jokes, or even recommendations for other books would all be a welcome random act of kindness for a local lender.


For the love of B. Frank, if you happen to pass a couple or family or even individual person attempting to take a photo in front of one of Philadelphia’s many historic landmarks (or even just next to a really good looking sandwich) offer to take the photo for them. It’s a small gesture that could mean a lot to a group as they attempt to commemorate their time in the Greatest City Ever.


Stock up on a box of soft pretzels and hand those suckers out like it’s a Hall and Oates backed montage. Just a little something extra, that will simultaneously increase the general population’s happiness and give them a quick carb intake to fortify their gusty commute.

5.     JOE FOR ALL

Next time you’re in line for your daily beans, pay for the person behind you as well. Don’t feel the need to stop the generosity at java – Little Baby’s Ice Cream specifically promotes this kind of behavior with their ‘Pay it Forward’ board. And I’m sure you’d hear no complaints if you were to foot the bill for someone’s lunch at Underdogs.

6.     DOOR STOP

Hold the door for someone. Anyone. Especially when you’re rushing through Suburban Station, pretending like you’re the protagonist of some emotionally charged finale where you race through a train station to do something important – pause that fantasy and take five seconds to hold the door for a group.


Get our your finest cellophane tape and a few shiny quarters and tape them to the side of a PPA meter downtown. What a nice surprise for someone running late or short on coin. In the eternal words of Smashmouth, “We could all use a little change.”


Your zip-off cargo pants just aren’t getting the same play they used to and we’ve finally decided that chartreuse just isn’t your color. Take all your old duds to a local thrift store like Philly AIDS Thrift and let them live a second life, while the proceeds help local organizations.

Let us know how you’re participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week!

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